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What: Welcome to one of our games from the Revnjenz Club Racing Series. Just tap “Start” and watch one of the Revnjenz team cars tear into the pit area in need of service. In this game, all of the action happens in the pits, so be ready!

You "will" be challenged to test your true racing skills. However, ones that you normally are not tested on and that is being the pit crew. They are very important in a race, and you will see why. So let's get ready.

Working as a pit crew member, one of your Revnjenz Club Racing Team cars will pull up to you in need of fast, quick, and timely service or repairs so that it can continue to perform and race against the competition. If you are too slow, then the team will have their doubts. However, if you prove yourself it could make the difference between winning or losing.

This is a great game and is very addicting. We hope that you will get faster and faster, the Revnjenz team is counting on you!

Cool Air guns sounds (silent mode available also!)
Jack your car with just a touch
Tap touch the lug nuts off and on
Fuel it up
Drop the jack and your car is back off to the races!

Toggle your ringer switch to allow sounds to play or to play in silent mode.

"Pit" your friends against your times to see who is the fastest. Submit your score online to see how you compare against them, the world, and other Revnjenz virtual street import racers. Simply press the button to view the scores and then press the button to "Post High Score To Website" To view the scores from the website on your iPhone/iPod, press the dark i Info button in the upper left of the application. To view it on your computer or from Safari, Go Here!

Where: "Z" Race Crew Challenge is available through the AppStore on iTunes. "Z" Race Crew Challenge

How: If you have purchased "Z" Race Crew Challenge ($0.99 US), simply launch the application, hit "Start" and see how fast you are!.

Who: Anyone can use "Z" Race Crew Challenge.

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