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What: StickMan is a great puzzle game. It's a challenging, competitive, fun way to kill time if you are bored! StickMan appears on your screen and the block that he is standing on starts disappearing. StickMan must move to another block before the ground under him is gone. StickMan skateboards, cannonballs, trampolines, swan dives and more!! Each round gets progressively faster and faster and more challenging. With bonus blocks, mystery rounds and even an easter egg, StickMan will keep you busy as you try to improve on your best score.

Where: StickMan is available through the AppStore on iTunes. Stick-Man

How: If you have purchased StickMan ($0.99 US), simply launch the application, hit "Start" and see how far you can go!.

Who: Anyone can use StickMan.

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The object of StickMan is to clear as many blocks as you can in each round and advance as many rounds as possible racking up a high score of moves.


StickMan comes with a boring background with plain blocks. To enhance your game play, you should add a screenshot of your iPhone/iPod background. To do this, while outside of StickMan, fill your page with 16 icons. Get some free apps from the app store if you don't have enough. Then hit the home (big round button) and power (top right side of device) buttons together and this will flash the screen white. This saves your background to the camera roll. Now, go to the Setup page and choose to 'Change Background'. Choose your background from the camera roll. This saves that shot into the app, so you can delete it from your camera roll after.

StickMan will move from block to block in various animated methods. On the Setup page, you can set your animation preference. You can have them normal speed (ON), double speed (2X) or completely off (OFF). Keeping the animations on will buy you a little bit of time between moves as Stickman moves to the next block. However, if you want a faster game, turn the animations to double speed or off.


When you start the game, StickMan appears on a random block and that block starts to disappear slowly. Also at the start, a random block is removed. Before the block you are standing on disappears, you must choose another block to move to, by tapping it. You can only move up, down, left, and right. As you move from block to block, the block you were on is removed. You can not move into black holes. It is possible to remove all blocks each round, there is always a solution.

If you clear all 15 blocks in the round, the round ends and the level is cleared. If you do not clear all blocks and run out of moves to make, you will lose 1 life and will have to try the round again. Once your lives drop below 1.0, your game is over. Each round gets progressively faster.

At the end of each round, a menu will appear with options to go to the 'Next Round', 'Quit', 'Start New' and, if eligible, 'Save'.

A bonus label will appear under a random block each round. The object is to try to end on that block after clearing all blocks. This block is random and you may not be able to land on it each time.

You start the game with 3 lives. Every time you clear a level and end on the bonus block, you earn a half a life. Every time you earn 2 half lives, you get a full life added. If you get down to a half of a life left or zero lives left, your game is over. If you had a half life left, you get 5 moves added to your score.

There are 4 power-ups you can earn. They are earned every fifth round. The first one you earn is Diagonal. This allows you to move in a diagonal direction, either up-left, up-right, down-left or down-right. Second is Leap. Leap allows you to move to any specific block on the screen, even if it is not adjacent to you. Third is Teleportation. This is similar to Leap, except where you end up is random. And the last is Slo-mo. This slows the speed of the round to half speed. Each of the power ups can only be used one time each, so use them wisely! Rumor has it that there is a 5th power-up......

To use a Leap or Diagonal power-up, simply make the move you want and your power-up will be used automatically (if available). For Teleporting, you need to hit the 'Teleport' button. Once you hit the button, you will be randomly teleported to an available block. For Slo-mo, hit the 'Slo-mo' button and the timer cuts to half speed for that round. The fifth power-up also uses a button to activate it. Once you earn this power-up, you will see the activation button.

If you clear all levels up to level 20 without losing a life or using a power up, you will get a Perfect Game Bonus. A (<<2X) indicator will appear next to your score and you will receive 2 points per move as long as you stay perfect. Once you lose a life or use a power up, it's over.

To pause a game, hit the 'Pause' button. The screen will be covered and you will have options to 'Resume', 'Start New', and 'Quit'. To resume, hit 'Resume'.

To quit your current game and start a new game, simply hit the 'Start New Game' button from the pause menu. You will be prompted to confirm.

To quit your current game, simply hit the 'Quit Game' button from the pause menu. You will be prompted to confirm.

You can only save your game, every 5 rounds. At the end of every fifth round, an option to save will appear. To save, simply hit 'Save Game'. You can only keep one saved game, so any prior game will be overwritten. You will be prompted to confirm.

If you have saved a game, when you hit the 'Start' button, an option to 'Start New' or 'Play Saved' will appear.


The top 10 scores are kept and displayed on the Scores page. Hit the 'Scores' button to go to the scores page and view the top 10. If you get a top 10 score, you will be prompted to save your name to the list. You can decline if you like, or enter your name. The high score is shown in the upper right of the main screen.


There is a mystery round available stating at level 25. To get to the mystery round, you must land on the 'Mystery?' block at the end of the round. You will be prompted to play a game. In the game you can win extra points, life, bonus multipliers, and more. You can even lose points. Follow the instructions on the mystery round screen.