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What:iPit lets you show off your skills in the pits. The goal? 4 tires and gas just like a real NASCAR pit stop. Plain and simple.

It's the coolest NASCAR game to hit the App Store!

Hit the 'Start' button and the car races into the pit box, the timer starts and the pit stop is on. The engine roars as buttons pop up at the different positions on the car for each of the crew members. When you hit a button, it disappears and the next button appears.

You will also have to hit all 5 lug nuts, in order, on each side of the car at the rear tire. When the tire view pops up, one lug will be green. Hit that lug and the next turns green. After you cycle through all 5 lug nuts, the view switches back to the car.

Realistic air gun sounds buzz in the background as you race to hit the lug nuts!

Once you do the final side of the car and finish all 5 lugs there, a 'Done' button appears. Hit that to drop the jack and stop the clock!!

The car burns out of the pit box and you can check the clock to see if you have what it takes.

If you are competitive, you will love challenging your friends to see who is the best. Although not a full blown racing game, iPit is very addictive and you will find yourself trying to shave that extra tenth of a second off your best time, just like the pros.

Do you have what it takes to be a NASCAR pit crew member?

Toggle your ringer switch to allow sounds to play or to play in silent mode.

You can also save your best score to the iPit website to see how you stack up against the rest of the world!! Simply press the button to view the scores and then press the button to "Post High Score To Website" To view the scores from the website on your iPhone/iPod, press the dark i Info button in the upper left of the application. To view it on your computer or from Safari, Go Here!

Where: iPit is available through the AppStore on iTunes. iPit

How: If you have purchased iPit ($0.99 US), simply launch the application, hit "Start" and see how fast you are!.

Who: Anyone can use iPit.

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