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What: Welcome to one of our games from the Revnjenz Club Racing Series. Hit the start button and the Tree appears and the pre-stage lights light up! The lights progress down the tree and when the green light appears, hit the gas pedal. Hit it too soon or too late and you red light and lose the race. Hit it just right and you launch out ahead of your opponent.

As the cars race down the track, colored shift zones will appear. When the green zone gets between the marks, hit the shifter! Shift right on time to launch even further ahead of your opponent. Hit it too soon and you bog the car down and lose ground. Hit it too late and you over rev the engine and blow it up!

After your final shift (5th gear), the end of the track comes up quick, get ready and deploy the chute by hitting the chute button at just the right time. Too early will slow your car down and lose ground. Too late and you race off the end of the track and wreck!! Just right, slows you down in time and if all went well, you win the race!

Toggle your ringer switch to allow sounds to play or to play in silent mode.

Race in Quick Mode to practice and keep your skills up. Or race in Career Mode and try to beat the game and win all the cars! As you beat each of the 8 levels, you get the car that you beat!! Is there some way to get the sleak Accelero Black car from the final round??

Where: DragShifterZ is available through the AppStore on iTunes.DragShifterZ

How: If you have purchased DragShifterZ ($0.99 US), simply launch the application, hit "Start" and see how fast you are!.

Who: Anyone can use DragShifterZ.

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