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What:Card Guru is a mind blowing trick for the iPhone. The spectator selects a card on the iPhone using the scrolling wheels and locks it in. The iPhone is placed face down in the magician's hand. He talks about how magnificent the Card Guru is and places a deck of cards on the table. The spectator shuffles and fans out the cards face up. The magician then reveals that he, not the iPhone is the Card Guru and pulls the spectator's card from the deck!!!

Where: CardGuru is available through the AppStore on iTunes.CardGuru

How: If you have purchased CardGuru ($0.99 US), and launched the help screen, it will have displayed a code to enter here:

The next page will show you the secret and provide tips on how to perform the trick flawlessly every time.

When: You can perform CardGuru, anywhere, anytime.

Who: Anyone can perform this mind blowing trick. You do not need to be an expert magician or do slight-of-hand.

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Card selection screen

Card locked in screen.