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What: AnyCard is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can perform any card trick or have someone suggest a random card and with one click of the screen, AnyCard will reveal that card.

Where: AnyCard is available through the AppStore on iTunes.AnyCard

How: If you have purchased AnyCard ($0.99 US), and launched the help screen, it will have displayed a code to enter here:

The next page will show you the secret and provide tips on how to perform the trick flawlessly every time.

When: You can perform AnyCard, anywhere, anytime.

Who: Anyone can perform this mind blowing trick. You do not need to be an expert magician or do slight-of-hand. And to make it easier, we are going to share two tricks with you right now that you can do with or without AnyCard.

Random Selection

The first trick we will teach you is Random Selection. The trick to this trick is that the selection is not random at all.

Take a deck of cards and let the spectator shuffle them. After you get them back, flip them face up and fan them out quickly to show them that "this is a regular deck of cards." You want to assure them that there is no trickery going on.

However, as you are fanning out the cards, look at the 3rd card from the top and memorize it. This is the target card!!!

Place the deck face down on the table and ask the spectator to very carefully lift more than half the cards off the deck, close to 2/3's of the deck and place it 6 inches over to one side of the deck left on the table. Have them then take half of the deck they just placed and place that in the middle of the two stacks.

Now have them take the top card off the middle pile and place it on the left stack. And the the next card off the middle pile and place it on the right stack. Now have them take the next card from the middle stack and slide it off the deck and face down on the table without looking at it. For effect, you can take the rest of the cards and put them away, saying "We wont be needing these!"

The card left on the table is that 3rd card down that you memorized earlier. For this lesson, let's pretend it was the 8 of Hearts.

You ask the spectator to think of all 4 suits in a deck of cards. Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds. you then tell them to choose two. If one of the two suits they choose is the suit of the target card, say "Ok, you have Hearts and Spades" (or whatever two they chose). If the target card is not one of those suits, say "I have Clubs and Diamonds and that leaves you with Hearts and Spades". No matter what they choose, you force them in to the target card. Now, say "Out of Hearts and Spades, pick one". If they choose Hearts, them "Hearts it is". If not, say, "I have Spades and that leaves you with Hearts".

Now that we have defined the suit, the number is played out the same way. Ask them to think of 5 cards out of Ace through King. But ask them to name 5 in a row to help make it easier to remember them. Again, if the 5 they choose contains your target card,(example: 6,7,8,9,10) tell them that they now have the 6,7,8,9, and 10 of Hearts. If they choose Ace,2,3,4, and 5, say "I have the Ace through 5, leaving you with 6 through King". If they didnt hit the target card, have them pick another 5. Once they get into the group of 5 that contains the target card, have them narrow it to 3. Keep doing this process of elimination until you talk them down to one card which is the target card, in this case, the 8 of Hearts.

Once you have the card determined, you can ask them to flip the card that is sitting on the table. However, if you had the AnyCard app, you could launch the app, place the iPhone/iPod on top of the card, press the "Guess Card" button and it will display their card. Then you can have them flip over the card for a double whammy!!

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When AnyCard launches, the audience is shown a simple screen with a button that says "Guess Card"

The button is pressed and the screen flips to reveal the chosen card.

It's really that simple.

12 Card Riffle

The 12 Card Riffle is a simple trick that can be used in a variety of ways and for many outcomes. We will show you it in it's simplest form. Shuffle a deck of cards or have the spectator do it. When you are done shuffling, quickly glance at the bottom card and memorize it. This will be the target card. For example, we'll call it the Queen of Spades.

Ask the spectator if they can count to 12. Tell them some people can't count past 10 without taking their shoes off. Show them what a riffle is and ask them if they know what a riffle is. A riffle is when you hold the cards in your hand close to the table and flick the bottom of the deck with your thumb to let the cards 'riffle' into the table slowly. You hold the deck firmly and only let one corner or just a little more actually come loose from the deck. You don't want to let the deck come flying apart!!

Tell them that you are going to riffle the deck and you want them to say stop when you get to 12 cards. Make sure they are ready, say "ready?" and then riffle the cards. When they say stop, stop right there and separate the cards, leaving the riffled cards on the table and place the rest of the deck aside. Tell them that you are going to see how good they count. Pick up the deck and start counting the cards by placing them face down on the table and counting each one. As you move to the next card, place it on top of the previous card. When you get to the last card, if it wasn't 12, then you can pick on them a bit, if it was 12, then you can tell them how brilliant they are. Either way, let's say the card count was 14, tell them to pick up that 14th card on top of the pile and memorize it. Keep in mind, this is not the 14th card, this is actually the bottom card that you memorized earlier. When you counted them out, you reversed the order, leaving the bottom card on top!! Tell them to take the deck, return their card to the deck, shuffle the cards and give you back the deck.

Search through the cards quickly and pull out their card (The Queen of Spades) and place it face down on the table. Tell them that even shuffling the deck can't stop a master like yourself!! Have them flip over the card!!

However, if you had the AnyCard app, you could tell them that you can't seem to find their card since they shuffled so good. You could launch the app, place the iPhone/iPod on top of the deck, press the "Guess Card" button and it will display their card!!